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“Walk in Our Shoes-Student’s Perspective”

How do the students at Fort Calhoun feel about the current conditions of the school? Senior Ben Everswick thinks the school needs windows, an auditorium, a bigger gym, and a weight room like many neighboring schools. When asked what he thinks some of the main safety concerns of the school are, he stated that it is currently a fire hazard, it’s clustered, and the hallways do not have enough room during passing periods. “I also feel like I’m getting a mental illness without windows!” exclaimed Ben.
One Freshman stated that the school is too small and it needs to be expanded. When asked what he thought are the biggest issues the building needs to address, the student replied, “I personally wish there was more room in the classrooms and hallways.”
It isn’t hard to be a student at Fort Calhoun, yet it’s very distracting when other students are walking through your classroom to get to another. Four out of five of the students we interviewed said they would vote yes for the school bond. The student who voted no is a new senior student.
The photo shows students taking tests with other students walking through the classroom from their classroom to get to the hallways.