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AdvancED Accreditation Standards

Standards for Quality

Commitment to continuous improvement is a dynamic effort, consistently requiring attention and revision. We expect this commitment from the educational institutions we serve, and we expect it from ourselves. To that end, we are proud of our AdvancED Standards for Quality.

The AdvancED Standards for Quality mark an evolution in continuous improvement and accreditation. While leveraging accreditation as a powerful tool for driving effective practices in support of student learning, these research-based Standards also emphasize teaching and

learning; share embedded common themes across Standards; and address students’ ability to successfully develop learning, thinking, and life skills as critical elements of student achievement.

AdvancED Standards for Quality

Standard 1:  Purpose and Direction

Standard 2:  Governance and Leadership
Standard 3:  Teaching and Assessing for Learning

Standard 4:  Resources and Support Systems
Standard 5:  Using Results for Continuous Improvement