The track will be resurfaced September 18 through September 26.  DO NOT USE THE TRACK during this time.  If you are looking for a place to walk or run, please use the sidewalk that goes around the practice fields.

Standard 1

Standard 1: Purpose and Direction

Standard:  The school maintains and communicates a purpose and direction that commit to high expectations for learning as well as shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning.


  • Indicator 1.1
    The school engages in a systematic, inclusive, and comprehensive process to review,

    revise, and communicate a school purpose for student success.


  • Indicator 1.2
    The school leadership and staff commit to a culture that is based on shared values and
    beliefs about teaching and learning and supports challenging, equitable educational
    programs and learning experiences for all students that include achievement of

    learning, thinking, and life skills.


  • Indicator 1.3
    The school’s leadership implements a continuous improvement process that provides

    clear direction for improving conditions that support student learning.


**The average score for each indicator is rounded up.