Evidence 1.3

Fort Calhoun Community Schools
-School Improvement Reflection Sheet-

Standard:__1.3 Date: __01/17/2014__
School: Elementary __x___ High School __x___
1.  What strategies (documentation) are already in place to meet this standard:
-Elementary- NWEA results are sent home to parents, Grade-
Level SMART Goals
High School- Grade level math goals for NeSA scores
-Both- Results of NeSA & NWEA used to show need for
improvement, results are used to place kids in leveled groups.
Teacher In-service meetings, documentation of parent teacher
conference attendance.
2. If you rated 3 or below on this standard, what resources/support is needed to improve:
-NWEA scores sent home on a consistent basis at elementary
3. List your topics of discussion today:
-Definition of Improvement Goals
4.  Do you have any questions or concerns related to this standard:
None at this time.
5.  If necessary, what are the next steps we should take to meet this standard (set goals):
-Elementary-purchase Math IXL (In progress)
6.  Place your ratings that you gave each question that is listed under the standard here:
HS Q1_3__ ELEM Q1_3__
HS Q2_4__ ELEM Q2_4__
HS Q3_4__ ELEM Q3_4__
HS Q4_4__ ELEM Q4_3__
HS Q5 _4__ ELEM Q5_4__
HS Q6 _4__ ELEM Q6 _3__
HS Q7_3__ ELEM Q7 _4__
HS Q8_4__ ELEM Q8 _4__
HS Q9_3__ ELEM Q9 _4__
Overall Rating: