Art Show

On Wednesday, April 14th, Fort Calhoun hosted the 2021 Nebraska Capitol Conference Art Show. This year’s show was held virtually, and all ten schools in the conference participated via zoom. Art entries were submitted several weeks ahead of time and were critiqued by a three-judge panel.

There were 176 students from across the conference who participated, and there were almost 400 total works of art entered in 11 different categories. This year’s visiting artist, Steve Tamayo, led the students through a cross-curricular activity which included designing, decorating, and assembling a “parfleche” pouch. 

Brooke Johnsen (9th grade), was voted Fort Calhoun’s top artist. Congratulations to the following students for earning ribbons at this year’s conference art show. 

Gabe Anduze

1st Place – “Old Man” (Colored Drawing)

2nd Place – “Gray Death” (Black and White)

Kathlyn Barta

1st Place – “Blue Jay’s Flight” (Colored Drawing)

Ethan Dye

2nd Place – “Self-Portrait” (Pencil Drawing)

2nd Place – “Chalk Pastel Still Life” (Colored Drawing)

Justin Fritz

1st Place – “Having Trouble Letting Go” (Mixed Media)

3rd Place – “SLATT” (Colored Drawing)

Jayce Ivester

1st Place – “Sunday Brunch” (Black and White)

2nd Place – “Majestic Hills” (Printmaking)

Brooke Johnsen

1st Place – “High Card” (Mixed Media)

1st Place – “Daffodil” (Pencil Drawing)

Emma Lucht

1st Place – “You Are My Sunshine” (Printmaking)

2nd Place – “Happy Flower” (Black and White)

Riley McKennan

2nd Place – “Self-Portrait” (Pencil Drawing)

James Miller

2nd Place – “Self-portrait at 14” (Pencil Drawing)

Regina Namuth

1st Place – “Self-Portrait at 15” (Pencil Drawing)

3rd Place – “Older Sister” (Mixed Media)

Cameron Reynolds

2nd Place – “Western Meadowlark” (Colored Drawing)

3rd Place – “Lil Uzi”

Sasha Robinson

1st Place – “Charcoal Still Life” (Black and White)

Kaitlin Smith

1st Place – “Antique View” (Black and White)

2nd Place – “Future Tracks” (Photography)

Lawson Tjardes

2nd Place – “Fruit Still Life” (Pencil Drawing) 

3rd Place – “Bottle Still Life” (Pencil Drawing)