Building Clear Out Schedule

Fort Calhoun Pioneers,

Governor Ricketts has issued a new Directed Health Measure (DHM). 

“Under this new DHM, schools statewide are directed to operate without students in their buildings through May 31, 2020. Extracurricular activities are also cancelled statewide.” – From NEBRASKA.GOV

In order for us to clear and clean our buildings we need students to come to the school and pick up any remaining personal items. For us to keep the buildings from filling up with students we have prepared a pick up schedule.

Keep in mind, Enrichment Activities will continue through May 15th. Also, information on textbook and Chromebook check in will come at a later date.

ELEMENTARY – Wednesday, April 8 and Thursday, April 9 we will have parents pick up belongings in a “drive-through” concept from the student pick up lane in front of the building. On Wednesday, April 8, students with the last name that begin with A-M will come during office hours; 8-12pm. On Thursday, April 9, students with the last name that begin with N-Z during office hours; 8-12pm. A staff member will be present to hand student belongings to each family. Please keep in mind we are striving to keep everyone safe during this process. All parents/students will remain in their vehicles and practice social distancing as best we can. Thank you for understanding. Don’t hesitate to wave and throw a smile! Also, at this time if you have a library book or textbook please bring that along to hand in.

JR/SR High See linked schedule.

Stay safe and God bless,

Dr. J