When Kori Grosse-Rhode started our chapter in 2012 she asked a room full of 4th graders if they would like a mentor. Twenty-Five of them enthusiastically raised their hands. Did they really know what a mentor was – probably not. But they quickly learned that an adult, that was not their parent, was going to visit them once a week for one hour to listen, maybe help with homework, play games or just sit in silence. Whatever they needed that week.

I am so proud to say that our Rookie Class of 2012 is graduating eight from High School this year. The following eight kids and mentors have had committed 9-year relationships. I know that it has been a rewarding experience for both mentor and mentee and has proven that having another adult in their lives helps them navigate school and life just a little better.

Please join me in congratulating these young adults for being a part of a life-changing program for 9 years.

Hannah Fitzgerald

Paige Ringler

Brayden Evens

Cassie Taylor

Evelyn Roehr

Abagail Ryan

Daniel Schlotfeld

Corey Lancaster

Please consider becoming a mentor. It only takes 30-45 minutes per week to make a difference. Go to www.teammates.org to learn more about the program and to sign up! #BeThere #NoMatterWhat

Teri Zavadil – Fort Calhoun Chapter Coordinator