The meeting of the Fort Calhoun Board of Education originally set for 8/26/19 at 7:00 PM has been changed to Friday 8/23/19 at 5:00 PM in the high school Library. A copy of the agenda, kept continuously current, is available for inspection at the office of the superintendent during regular business hours.


Junior High POPP Super Bowl Party

Junior High POPP Super Bowl Party

Almost thirty FC junior high students celebrated the Super Bowl in style hanging out at the school last night.  The cost of admission was canned goods or a cash donation – over 50 items and $10 will be donated to the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church’s Helping Hands food pantry.

Seventh grader, Riley Mitchell said “It was awesome because a lot of people came and everyone had a good time.” Eighth grader Emma Fuhrman, said succinctly, “Best night ever.”

Mrs. Hernandez (POPP sponsor) said it was a fun time and she hopes to do a similar event next fall for a Husker game!  She also wanted to thank all of the POSSE parents for their generous food and beverage donations and a special thanks goes out to Jeanne Welchert at the Longhorn for all of the yummy appetizers and chicken strips that she donated!

Students pictured

1)     Shelby Altstadt and Avery McKennan

2)    Gatt Ware, Jesse Hirchert and Jack Theisen

3)    Isaiah Reed and Hailey Forrester