Fort Calhoun Schools are starting late on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 due to poor road conditions. School will begin at 10 am. All activities, games, meetings and practices are cancelled for Tuesday as well.


Students Raise Money for Habitat for Humanity

Fort Calhoun Students Lizzie Namuth, Ashlyn Dippel, Kloey Appel, and Anna Polesky raised money for Habitat for Humanity by giving students the chance to vote on which teachers were taped to the wall. Mr. Jones was the top vote-getter with Mr. Hatcher in second. Students also had the opportunity to pay a dollar for a piece of tape. Lizzie said “One of the funniest parts was watching Mrs. Wellman High Horse and Mr. Hatcher have a competition to see who would get taped. I also enjoyed seeing a lot of the junior high kids getting involved and donating a lot of money. I thought it was a fun and competitive way to help raise money for a good cause.” In all, $254.85 was raised.