Local Scholarships for the Class of 2022!
You can now download these documents to fill out the Local Scholarship Application. Deadline is Thursday, February 17th at 1:30PM (THIS IS A CHANGE). Remember that after you have all six pages completed (seven pages if you are applying for the Booster Scholarship) and printed, you will need to sign the application on two different pages and have Mrs. Hernandez sign it as well before it will be considered complete. Remember to also have a second copy printed without the identifying informaion. After downloading the pages you can use Chrome/Kami (if on a Chromebook) to fill out the application PDF.

Good Luck!

2022 Local Scholarship Description

2022 Scholarship App

2022 G.R.I.T. Evaluation Form

2022 Booster Female Scholarship

2022 Booster Male Scholarship

Other Local Scholarships