Arbor Family Counseling Associates

General Information
The Student Assistance Program is an initial assessment and referral service for students. It is intended to open the door to problem resolution assistance from a comprehensive counseling agency. When students resolve personal and family issues, everyone benefits—parents, students, and teachers can concentrate on the student’s academic achievements.

Who Can Access Student Assistance?
All students and their immediate families are eligible to participate. Students may refer themselves or be referred by a staff member.

How Much Does It Cost?
Each student and family member gets two free sessions. Costs for additional services are negotiated individually.

All Student Assistance Program services are confidential. Successful treatment of personal problems demands confidentiality. Arbor Family Counseling adheres to all state, federal, and professional guidelines regarding confidentiality.

Arbor Family Counseling is located at 11605 Arbor Street, Suite 106 in Omaha. They are easy to find, just one block north of Center on 116th Street.

Contact Information
For further information, contact Arbor Family Counseling at 402-330-0960. You may also find them online at

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Student Assistance Program Brochure