A page appearing under the heading “Community Organizations” are for organizations that are loosely affiliated with the District and/or fulfill a function that aligns with, enhances, or supports the mission of the District.

However, the District does not exercise direct control over these organizations even though the Administration and/or School Board may be involved with the fulfillment of their function to some extent.  These organizations are managed and operated by groups of individual patrons that have come together to fulfill a specific function.  We applaud their effort and thank them for their dedication.

Since the District does not have direct control of these organizations, we do not have direct control of the content on these pages. If you have issues or concerns with the content of any of these pages, we encourage you to contact the specific group directly.

If you believe that the content is offensive, violates federal or state law, or violates the policies of the District, please contact the District’s administration immediately.