The meeting of the Fort Calhoun Board of Education originally set for 8/26/19 at 7:00 PM has been changed to Friday 8/23/19 at 5:00 PM in the high school Library. A copy of the agenda, kept continuously current, is available for inspection at the office of the superintendent during regular business hours.


LOGOFINAL  Fort Calhoun Community Schools

Fort Calhoun Elementary
1020 Monroe Street
Fort Calhoun, NE  68023
(402) 468-5714 or (402) 468-4516
Drew Wagner, Principal

Fort Calhoun Junior-Senior High
5876 County Road P43
Fort Calhoun, NE  68023
(402) 468-5591
Jerry Green, Secondary Principal
Nicholas Wemhoff, Assistant Principal/Activities Director

Pioneer Learning Center
1420 Clark Street
Fort Calhoun, NE  68023
(402) 468-5533
Ashley Dougherty, SPED Coordinator