On regular morning and afternoon bus trips to and from school the bus driver is the supervisor.  Regular school conduct is required of all students.  Any violations or causes of misbehavior will be reported to the transportation director.  The following procedure will be utilized to ensure that everyone concerned realizes the consequences for inappropriate behavior on the bus:


FIRST OFFENSE: Notice is sent home as a reminder to student and parent. Disciplinary action is taken as needed.
SECOND OFFENSE: The student is suspended from riding the school bus for a minimum of three days.
THIRD OFFENSE: The student is suspended from riding the school bus for a minimum of ten days.
FOURTH OFFENSE: The Student is expelled from school bus privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Please read and review these rules with your children.

  • While riding the buses, students are under the supervision of the school bus driver and must obey rules at all times.  The driver has the responsibility to notify the transportation supervisor of misconduct; the transportation supervisor or the building principal has the authority to temporarily suspend a student from riding the bus.  (See above procedure).
  • Treat bus equipment as you would valuable furniture in your own home.  Damage to seats, etc., will be paid for by the offender.  Any damage should be reported to the driver.  Knives or sharp objects of any kind are not allowed nor are firearms, pets, or other live animals.  Smoking, eating, drinking, and use of profane or immoral language are prohibited on the school bus.  The driver may assign the students seats and hold them responsible for their seats.
  • Students can ride only their regularly assigned bus and disembark from the bus at the regular stop.  The school transportation supervisor must be informed of any changes in student riding status.  No change will be made in the location of bus stops or bus routing without the approval of the transportation supervisor.  Students should go promptly to the bus when dismissed from school.  When discharged from the bus they should go directly to their homes.  Students must be on time.  The bus will not wait on those who are tardy.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner such that they will not distract the attention of their driver or disturb other riders on the bus.  Students should not divert the driver’s attention by talking to him, except in the case of an emergency.
  • Bus riders are expected to be courteous to fellow students and the driver.  Do not take advantage of small children in order to get a seat.  Horseplay, fighting, scuffling or slapping at others will not be tolerated on the bus.  Seats may not be reserved.
  • Students should assist in keeping the bus clean, sanitary and orderly at all times.  Paper, food or other objects should not be thrown on the floor of the bus.  No cans or bottles will be allowed on the bus.  Keep aisle and front door walk clear of books, lunches, coats, packages, and band instruments.  Do not put feet in aisle.  When departing from the bus remove all items that were carried on to the bus.
  • Students are permitted to open windows if the driver consents.  Hands, arms, and heads should be kept inside the bus at all times.  No objects of any nature shall be thrown or passed into or from the bus door or windows by passengers or others.  Students should refrain from calling out to passersby.
  • Noise on the bus should be kept to a minimum.  The same behavior is expected on the school bus as in a classroom.  Riders should not change seats while the bus is in motion.  Absolute quiet is necessary when the bus is approaching and crossing a railroad track to allow the driver to listen for approaching trains.
  • Never tamper with the bus or any of its equipment, i.e. fire extinguishers, first aid kit, or emergency door.  These are to be used only in case of an emergency by an authorized person.
  • If the emergency door or emergency window exits are found open or partially open, the bus driver should be immediately notified.  The rear door is an EMERGENCY DOOR and should be used only in an emergency and at the direction of the driver.  It is not to be tampered with.  In case of an emergency, students are to follow the directions given by the driver and remain on the bus unless told to unload.
  • All school rules apply to buses.  This is considered a part of the school day for  those students who ride the bus.

Students who participate in activities shall ride to and from the activity on school-sponsored transportation. Written requests, submitted to the coach and or sponsor of the activity, may be made by parents asking that their student be allowed to go or return from the activity with the parents or with other parents. Such requests may be honored. At no time will students be allowed to ride home with other students or younger adults. While at the activity, students are to remain with the group at the site of the activity or other assigned site or staging area unless excused by the school sponsor. This policy has been created for the safety of students and for the convenience of the parents, instructors, and sponsors.