District office hours for the summer are 7AM-3PM.


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2017 Pioneer Football

“Purpose, Pride, and Passion”


Coaching Philosophy

            Teach players the necessary tools needed in life to be successful through the game of football.  As coaches, we will use passion, love, and our own personal experience to help every member of the program improve as student athletes.  It is our purpose to develop pride and work ethic, while promoting a friendly and safe environment where we will all work together to succeed as one team, one family, one school. 

Summer Important Dates

Dead Week- May 17th-23rd

Start Date- Wednesday, May 24th

Gridiron Golf Tournament- Friday, June 9th

Dead Week- July 1-9

FC Youth Football Camp- July 24-26 (Monday-Wednesday)

FC Team Football Camp- July 24-28 (Monday-Friday)

Dead Week- July 30-August 6th

Two A Days Start Date- August 7th


2016 Fort Calhoun Pioneers



2016 Senior Poster/Schedule

Great Community…Great Support!

2014 Football Crowd