Golf Team Parents Meeting


  1. Check FCActivities/Golf website for updates on practices.
  2. All paperwork needs to be in order (3 total).  Physical and Athletics parent consent form to the office, this document signed and returned to coach Humphrey
  3. Practice discussion.  River Wilds at Blair. Depends on weather.  Must be ready on very short notice and it could change at any moment..We will golf in cold, rainy, possibly even snowy conditions. Be Prepared
  4. Friday’s expectations(TBA,18 Holes?).
  5. Explain qualifying rounds and challenges for spots.
  6. Equipment check.  Clubs, shoes, balls, tees, towel, ball mark repair tool, sun block, hat, gloves, umbrella, etc.  Club Drop off in shop in the morning
  7. Golf Room-If you can drive you are expected to have your clubs and drive, if you can’t drive there will be a van that will leave right after school.  If you ride the van, you are expected to get picked up from the golf room.  If you are in a later session, you will need to get your clubs and transport yourself to the golf room.
  8. Golf apparel orders need to be in by Wednesday, March 6th
  9. If you want to order above and beyond the provided polo, let me know
  10. Van return times will not always be the same, make sure you are communicating any ride needs when we leave the course. Does anyone not have a cellphone?
  11. Golf season length goes past graduation.  Seniors who are on varsity will be expected to continue though the end of the season, and if anyone makes it to state, that competition is after all school is out, so please plan accordingly. 
  12. Booster Club-Provide us with gear, we need to work the concession stand when needed
  13.  River Wilds Golf course- We will not be allowed to use the golf course until March 18th at the earliest no matter how nice the weather.  This is the second year in a row that our golf team fee has been raised significantly and we have been provided less practice time and less practice area.

*Go golf on your own if you can when we cant use the golf course, the weather is forecast to be pretty nice

Team Pictures will be Friday March 1st


Dual/Tri Varsity/JV 

Hopefully all eligible golfers on the team will be able to compete.  Some schools limit numbers, so it is up to the host schools how many are allowed to participate.  If we cant take all, we will use power rankings and our best discretion as to who should represent our team.  9 holes in length and will always be in the afternoon.  Entries will be split into Varsity and JV teams.  As with all golf tournaments each team will enter 5 golfers per team and only the 4 best scores count towards a team score. Ex. 13 golfers we enter 2 team scores, 1 Varsity, 1 JV and the second JV team of 3 will not enter a team score. 


Varsity Invite(9)/JV invite(1 at Ashland)

The top 5 eligible golfers will go to varsity invites.  Varsity Invites are 18 holes and take place during the day, usually starting at 9:00.  We take a team of 5, but as explained earlier all 5 post individual scores, but only the best 4 scores count towards a team score.  We could potentially have practice that day for the other golfers depending on coach availability.  Whether there is practice or not for others will be on the Daily Announcements and Weekly Schedule page.




  1. Spectators may be on the course observing the golfers, but they must remain a distance from all golfers.  Spectators must avoid being on greens, tee boxes, and fairways.


  1. Spectators can applaud a player or group of players and they may offer encouragement to one player, as long as it is not distracting to other players in the tournament.


  1. Spectators may not walk side-by-side with participants. They may not sit with them during a waiting period on the course.


  1. A distance of 50 feet would be an acceptable separation.


  1. Violation of this section during a tournament or meet may result in a two-stroke penalty after a warning by tournament or meet officials. Failure to abide by the separation rule after a two-stroke penalty is applied could result in disqualification.



Fort Calhoun High School Golf Team Rules

  1. All practices and team meetings are mandatory.  A missed practice/meeting must have prior approval by the coach.  This includes written communication to the coach, whether by text or by email.  An unexcused missed practice may result in non-qualification for the subsequent meet.  Detentions/Office Referrals/Suspensions/ Friday Schools/Helps count as unexcused practices.
  2. Students will be transported to and from Fort Calhoun High School to the golf course by school van.  Students will not be allowed to ride to or from the golf course in a private vehicle unless pre-approved by the administration.(Metro?)
  3. Three strikes and you are out (off of the golf team).  Strikes are unexcused practices, tardiness to the golf course, inappropriate behavior, profanity, vulgarity, inappropriate dress, etc.
  4. Any attempt at cheating or cutting strokes during practice or meets that is reported or observed can be immediate grounds for being dropped from the team.
  5. “Gimmies” or short putts that are not stroked into the hole and are picked up will be considered cheating, unless in match play.
  6. All NSAA golf rules shall be observed.
  7. The Fort Calhoun student and athletic handbook will be enforced.
  8. Proper golf attire will be expected at all times.  Team members are required to wear nice shirts or jackets during all competitions.  Hats or visors are not to be worn backwards and must be team colors.  Collared shirts or jackets are required at golf course practices (playing on the course) and all meets.


Golf Etiquette

This means replacing divots, repairing marks in the green, respecting the course where you are playing and respecting the members of the course.  Using the word ”Fore” when necessary, not going ahead of people in your group.  Farthest out hits first, letting members play through in carts or on foot if they are going faster and the holes are open in front of your group.  No yelling  or profanity on the course.  Remember, you represent yourself, the school and your community.


Anyone caught cheating, suspected of cheating or reported to be cheating could be immediately dropped from the team.  A “miscalculation” needs to be immediately addressed at the hole where the “miscalculation” just took place by the scorekeeper of that person and/or other members of the group.  It is after the fact at the end of the round and the case is closed.


It is important to maintain passing grades during your high school career.  It is also important to keep up on your school work in order to sign out for the many meets and invites that take time out of the classroom schedule.  If you cannot get signed out, we will move to the next qualifier.  If you are failing a class, you could lose course time based on the number of participants on the team.  For example we can only fit 9 members in a van, if it is your turn in the rotation to go to the course and you are failing a class, you will be replaced on the rotation and you will stay back to catch up on your school work.  You could potentially not travel to the golf course if you are ineligible.

On the Green

 A ball line is the imaginary “estimated path” the ball would take to go in the hole.  This line should never be stepped in or walked on.  Always respect the other players’ ball lines and mark your ball accordingly.  If the possibility exists that you will hit another player’s ball that has not been marked, ask them to mark it.  Give the other players room to putt and remain quiet.  Stay out of their sight line and do not cast a shadow over their ball line.  Remember, repair your ball mark on the green, and at least one other mark.  

Pace of Play

It is OK to be bad at golf, it is not OK to be slow.  We must keep up the pace of play and play ready golf while still adhering to the rules and proper golf etiquette.  If you are struggling on any particular day, please eliminate practice swings and be prepared to move as quickly as possible. No more than 2 practice swings at any time.  If a member of the course is golfing faster than you and catches up to you, let them play through.


The golf standards have will be posted in the golf room, in the vans and they are on the website.  

Fort Calhoun High School Golf Letter Requirements

  1. Play in 25% of golf invites and duals and triangulars on the varsity level. 
  2. Be a senior who has played a complete season for 3 consecutive years or more and remained in good standing. 
  3. Play at district golf and be a contributing score of the 4 counted as team score.
  4. Coaches discretion.

Please Return this page to Coach Humphrey by the end of the school day on Friday March 1st.


I hereby acknowledge that I have read the above Golf Rules and agree to adhere to these rules while participating in golf at Fort Calhoun High School.