CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR RULES:    Classroom Behavior Guidelines

This document lists rules for conducting oneself in the classroom.



     Goals, Objectives, Expect JR HI

The course description, goals, and objectives for JUNIOR HIGH BAND, as well as Class Standards and Expectations, can be found in this document.


INFORMATION PACKET (Jr High) and; 7th Welcome Letter:    Info Packet & Seventh Letter

This Document contains a wealth of information pertaining to the Junior High Band Program, including grading procedures, travel information, lessons, school horns, and more. It begins with a welcome letter to 7th graders and is intended as an explanation of the program for junior high students and their parents.


PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES:    Performance Objectives

The Performance Objectives for Junior High Band for 3rd and 4th Quarters are described in this document.


SCALE REQUIREMENTS for Junior High:    Scale Assignments JH

The assigned scales for each quarter for JUNIOR HIGH BAND, along with the required number of octaves for each scale, are listed in this document


**Current Assignments** for Junior High:

PERFORMANCE GOALS:  Pep Band performances are the core of our curriculum for 1st quarter.

Recurring Assignment:  Practice Sheets due on Monday of each week.

WarmUps and Technique Development:  Warmups 1,2;  Easy Slurs;  Chromatics, 5-Step Scale Pattern; Slurs D.      Other exercises as selected.

Songs to be prepared:  Barbara Ann, I Get Around, Pretty Woman, Magnificent Seven, Old Time Rock and Roll, School Song, other pep band material.

Written Assignments and their Due Date:  Refer to the Canvas network