Golf Practice Attire-Decent looking pants and an appropriate shirt or nice jacket.  

Golf Competition Attire- Nice Black, Grey, or khaki pants/shorts/skirt with your polo or golf jacket.  All clothing must be Calhoun colors.


Youth On Course Link:


All leave the golf course times are approximate and could change based on the day.


Golf Skills Videos:

*When rankings are calculated, if there are holes you do not finish, they will be counted as the max 10 strokes per hole.






Golf Banquet will be June 4th at the Fort Calhoun High School Commons.

The coaches and families will be at Putting Plus at 9216 maple street for some mini golf from 4:30 to 5:30.  This is not an organized event or reserved time, this is very informal.  If anyone wants to join us and have fun hanging out and maybe competing, all are welcome.  We will have the official banquet at the high school Commons starting at 6:30.  We are planning on having a dessert bar during the banquet, if each family could provide a small dessert, that would be appreciated.  Please sign up here: