Golf Team Standards:

Commitment, Respect, Knowledge, Communication, Integrity


Classroom, Practice, Competitions, Outside of Golf, Don’t let your minimum be your maximum, Give maximum effort,

Always on time, Follow training rules


The course-leave the course better than you found it, your teammates, your coaches, Treat everyone on the team as an equal, Coachable, Always on time, Sportsmanship toward opponents


Know the rules and etiquette, Be vocal and ask questions, Check the website and know whats going, Check ahead and be prepared in advance, Know leave times and be early


Must communicate with coaches in advance and in writing, Be vocal and ask questions, both with teammates and coaches, Golf is a social game, talk to the people you are golfing with, Have a voice, but be humble


Do the right thing when no one is looking



*These standards were developed by the entire team.