If you are interested in being involved with Drama Club, contact Kim Pace at kpace@ftcpioneers.org.

This year’s One-Act play is entitled, Small Actors by Stephen Gregg. The play is about a girl named Emily, who desperately wants to play the lead in her high school’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Instead, she gets a one-line, four-word role. Nonetheless, she tells her parents (who will be out of town during the performance) that she got the lead, and suddenly, things spin way out of control. Mom and Dad cancel their vacation plans and invite every relative they can round up to come and see their daughter play Juliet. This outlandishly funny and very touching play is about the roles we all play—in theatre and in life.


Emily – Sophie Thomas

Jane – Haley Conner

Laura – Samantha Thomas

Paul – AJ Pace

Mrs. Phelps – Tess Skelton

Sammie – Rowan Roehr

Kesia – Mary Blankenship

Wendy/Juliet – Sammie Ladwig

Romeo – Andrew Namuth

The Chorus of Romeo and Juliet – Abbey Lienemann, Mollie Dierks, Allison Prunty, Kaylee Taylor

Assorted cast members of Romeo and Juliet – crew members

Assorted relatives of Emily – crew members

Declyn Otte  
Grayson Bouwman  
Ellie Collins
Anna Melville
Leah Klabunde
Kooper Meyer
Addie Benoit  
Bella Benoit
Bella Irvine  
Raegen Wells
Trey King  
Dala Drowne  
Bria Bench  

Competition Dates:

November 22nd, Lofte Theatre, Manley, NE – 9:30 a.m. performance

November 29th, Schuyler High School, Schuyler, NE – 1:45 performance

December 5th – Community Performance, 3:00 p.m. – this performance will be held in the small gym and is open to the public. Admission is $3.00 for adults, students and children are free.