Team Philosophy

            To teach players the necessary tools needed in life to be successful through the game of football.  As coaches, we will use passion, love, and our own personal experience to help every member of the program improve as student athletes.  It is our purpose to develop pride and work ethic, while promoting a friendly and safe environment where we will all work together to succeed as one team, one family, one school. 



Offensive Philosophy

We will employ a balanced spread offense that will utilize different combinations of players using the entire field to stretch the defense.  It is important that we appear complicated in order to create confusion in the minds of the defenders.  While it is important to keep a strong balance between run and pass, a good team must be able to run; a championship team must be able to pass effectively. Our running game will be based on our ability to stretch a defense and create running lanes. Our passing attack will be based on our ability to overload zones by releasing the maximum number of receivers into patterns.



Defensive Philosophy


We will work together as a team, both staff and players to compete at the highest level possible.  There will be no individuals in our defense.  We will use teamwork, 100% effort, knowledge, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, and love for the game in our everyday routine.  Our defense will have a balanced, high speed, and aggressive approach to each and every opposing offense.  We are the aggressors.  We do not hesitate or wait.  Rather, we react at full speed with a furious attitude.  We are playmakers.    


Our Players are student-athletes; student comes first.  The coaching staff will be there to assist each student-athlete in achieving their maximum potential academically while upholding the standards of honor, integrity, and responsibility at Fort Calhoun High School.

1.  Weekly grade checks will be made to ensure academic success for all student-athletes.

2.  If the academic expectations are not met during the season, players will be held out of practice until their grades are back to standard.  They will use practice time to get assistance after school.



Standing behind your actions, committing to your word, and being there for your team at all times is accountability.  We will never be a team that makes excuses.  We will have accountability on and off the field.  As individuals on this team, we will have honesty and integrity in all that we say and do.  If we are not honest with ourselves, how can we possibly get better as players, coaches, and people?  We must be accountable for one another.  We will be on time to all football obligations.  Excuses will never be acceptable.


Alcohol/Drug Use

The use of alcohol and drugs will not be tolerated or accepted as a member of this team.  No excuses will be granted.  Refer to the Fort Calhoun High School student handbook for penalties and information, but understand that penalties and suspensions from this football program do not stop with the student handbook.


Body Language

People will make opinions about you before you ever speak and that will tell them who you are and what you’re all about.  It’s up to you to make a great first impression.  How you sit, stand, and look overall will have a tremendous impact on how a person, teacher, future boss, coach, or community member perceives you.  It is important to stand up straight, do not slouch or lean against anything.  Stand straight and look people directly in the eyes.  Eye contact is powerful.  Always take your hat and sunglasses off so they can see your face and eyes as a gesture of respect.  While sitting in class or football meetings, again, sit up straight with both feet on the floor.  In class, sit in the front so your teacher sees that you care and that you’re making an effort.


Calling Ahead

You are part of something bigger than yourself!  It is important to realize we all must be able to count on each other.  If something comes up and you know you will be late or absent, your parents/guardians need to call and let me know as soon as possible.  It is common courtesy to call ahead and let people who rely on you know exactly why you are late or absent.


Cell Phones 

Phone Calls, Text Messages, Pictures, Twitter


There will be no cell phone usage in any capacity in the locker room, weight room, or meetings at any time.  Turn all cell phones off before entering the locker room.


This is a time for you, your thoughts, and your preparation to practice or play.

This is a time for your teammates.

This is not a time for things outside the locker room.



We are all the same color in the Pioneer Locker Room, and that is Black and Orange.   Any distinction or reference to any other color/race violates the unification of that Black and Orange.  We judge each other based upon character.



Men who make and keep commitments are winners in life.  They have successful relationships with people and almost always have successful careers.  If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing to the best of your ability.  If you make a commitment, see it through from start to finish.



Communication is the key to our success.  If you feel that any phase of our communication process is not fully functional, please bring it to my attention.  Without proper communication we will not succeed.  We must be open and willing to discuss the good and bad, face to face with an open mindset.  We have to communicate in all phases of the game, on and off the field, in-season and off-season.


Definition of Team

Team-A group of unselfish people who come together to achieve one specific goal.  A team adheres to certain principles that identify them and give them purpose. 

·  Integrity

·  Respect

·  Loyalty

·  Trust

·  Mental Toughness




Self-discipline is the most important type of discipline.  It keeps you on track as a person, coach, student, and athlete.  Discipline is defined as training to act in accordance to rules, drills.  If we know what we have to do; we need to find a way to get it done.  In order for us to be successful, we must practice discipline.  It’s the boundaries we set as a team that will lead us to the path of a Championship.


Discipline will be fair, valid, and consistent for EVERYONE.  Players are expected to treat coaches and teammates with respect.  Questions and concerns are not to be discussed on the field or in front of other teammates.  A meeting will take place at least 24 hours after initial contact.




·      Physical Effort

o   Refers to all out effort in everything we do.  In football, all out effort from the start of the play to the end of the play.  100% whistle to whistle.

·      Mental Effort

o   Refers to being mentally prepared in every aspect of our lives.  In football, mental effort is being mentally prepared and focused in practice and in games. 



Check out will be done by grade level before two-a-days start.  Once equipment is checked out, each player is responsible for their own helmet, shoulder pads, leg pads, practice jersey/pants, game jerseys/pants, and all other equipment issued. 


Check in will be done after the season.  Each player will be responsible for anything that is not returned.  All lost items will be attached to their school accounts until returned or compensated. 



Family is the most important team of all!  Without family, we wouldn’t be able to play and coach this game that we love. 


Families will be welcome to watch practice on Thursday’s.  This being our walk through/dress rehearsal practice, this will give parents the ability to be more involved and see how we work as a team. 



Appreciate them

Thank them

Acknowledge them

Give them a reason to be excited about Fort Calhoun Football


Football Staff

The Head Coach and Assistant Coaches will collaborate and work together to make the best decisions for our team.  Our decisions will be based on effort, attitude, teamwork, commitment, and knowledge of the game.  We will use our knowledge and past experiences to develop our team to the best of our ability, but the Head Coach will make all final decisions. 



As tough and demanding as the game of football can be, it can also be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of a young man’s life.  Everyday should be exciting!  Simply being apart of this program and working together everyday is special.

·  Different ways to add excitement to practice

o   Big Man 7 on 7

§  10 minutes at the end of Tuesday practices

o   Skill Player OL/DL 1 on 1 Pass Rush

o   Pass/Punt/Kick Competition

o   Coaches vs. Players 7 on 7



We will be a team that plays the game fundamentally sound.   Our techniques will be rehearsed and repeated over and over.  We must be able to do the little things better than our opponents.  Eyes, hands, hips, and feet will be emphasized everyday at practice and in games.  Great players have great fundamentals. 


Game Conduct  

1.Our pre-game warm-up is important.  Take pride in it.  The warm-up is used to get ready to play a game both mentally and physically.

2.No earrings or jewelry.

3.Never lose poise.

4.Be kind to officials.  Address them as “Sir” or “Mister.”

5.Do not trash talk to your opponents.  Do your talking on the field. 

6.Encourage your teammates and help them up off the ground.

7.Never come off the field unless someone comes in and tells you that you are out.

8.Never go on the field unless cleared by a coach.

9.Always play with enthusiasm.  Rules prohibit individual celebration.  Celebrate with your teammates.  Celebrate with the players who helped you make the play.

10.Always have your headgear in hand while you are on the sidelines.

11.Don’t let adversity destroy your desire to win.

12.If you are injured, make sure you let your coaches know ASAP.

13.Always stay POSITIVE!  Positivity is contagious. 

14.Stay focused on the game regardless of how much you play; you never know when you time will come. 

15.Take every opportunity and play to your fullest potential. 



It is the player’s responsibility to his fellow teammates and coaches to report all injuries to training staff immediately after practice or a game. Know the difference between being injured and being hurt. Players at this level play hurt. Being hurt should not prevent you from practicing.  Coaches needs to know of any injury as soon as possible.  Show up to treatment on time. 



All great teams need great leadership.  Leadership does not have to be vocal, but it has to be displayed by action everyday.  Leadership is not an entitlement however, it is something earned over a long period of time.         

         Leadership is directly correlated with Team.  Leaders must have:





·Mental Toughness


Life Skills

Playing the game of football is a great way to teach life long skills to help student-athletes to be successful on all levels. 

·  Faith

·  Family

·  Friends

·  Academics

·  Football


Locker Room

This is a special room in the game of football.  It is in the locker room that relationships are built and team chemistry is developed.  The men in this room share a very special mission and huge responsibility to themselves, and to each other.  The young men in this room will experience many, many emotions together.  They will experience great joy as well as disappointment; they will laugh together; they will cry together.  Life-long friendships and brotherhood is built on the field and in the locker room. 


We must take care of our locker room.  Captains will be responsible for final overviews after practice and games.  The locker room should be cleaner when we leave it than when we got there.  It is no ones job to clean up after us.  We will be responsible for ourselves and anything we bring to the locker room. 


Mission Statement

My football mission is to motivate others in my life with high expectation, energy, passion, and love; to model self-discipline, respect, appropriate conduct and confidence; and to balance my personal life with family and friends with my responsibilities as a teacher and coach.


Overcoming Adversity

Our ability to overcome adversity will be defining.  When adversity strikes we must:

·Rally together, does not divide us.

·Focus on our mission and philosophy.

·Keep calm and do not panic.

·Trust our instincts and do not question them.

·Do not lose confidence.

·Be accountable.  Do not point fingers.

·Ask yourself, “What can I do to help my team?”


Parent Communication

It is extremely important to have detailed communication with the players’ parents.  I want the parents to be involved with the program.  Alongside parent involvement, there are expectations and guidelines that need to be met.  We as coaches understand and embrace the time we are given with our student athletes.  With that time, there is commitment and a level of expertise we have to offer the kids and the program.  I expect our parents to appreciate our professional knowledge in return by graciously keeping opinions to themselves, trusting the coaching staff’s judgment and character, and by facing concerns directly to the staff in order to resolve situations at the appropriate level.

·Plans to build parent/player relationships

o   Father/Son Camp Out

o   Community Work

o   Volunteer Work

§  Soup Kitchen

§  Senior Care

o   Thursday Practice open to parents

o   Team Dinners


Playing Time

As a staff, we will evaluate each player on a practice and game basis.  Assessments will be made on effort, attitude, knowledge of scheme, and talent.  Please do not have your parents call about your playing time.  If you have questions about your playing time or role on the team, it is your responsibility to visit with your position coach or coordinator.  We will be honest and precise.


Practice Plan


o   Varsity- Install Practice

§  Weekly Install Meeting

§  Shells Practice

§  Strength Training (4 Core Lifts)

§  Film

o   Junior Varsity

§  Game Day

o   3:30-6:30


o   Varsity/JV

§  Full Pad Practice

§  Offensive Emphasis

o   3:30-6:30


o   Varsity/JV

§  Full Pad Practice

§  Defensive Emphasis

o   3:30-5:30


o   Varsity/JV

§  Pre-game Walk Through

§  Mental Focus Day

o   3:30-5:30


o   Varsity

§  Game Day


o   Varsity

§  Recovery Stretch and Run

§  Strength Training (4 Core Lifts)

§  Film Breakdown

o   9:00-10:30


o   No Practice


Quote of the Week

The quote of the week will be a motivational or spiritual thought solely for your development.  Read it and try to understand what it means and how it can affect your life in a positive manner. 


Staff Development

Our staff and myself must continue to sharpen out skills, increase in our strengths, and improve on our weaknesses.  It is essential that we never stop learning, and take advantage of football clinics, staff development meetings, practice observations, and technology improvements.  A great coach never stops learning, and I expect our staff and myself to continue to the commitment of a higher education in football and strength and conditioning. 


Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is the foundation of our program.  Our goal is to be bigger, stronger, and faster than our opponents.  This goal cannot be met if without dedication and great effort in the weight room and speed camp.  We are a team.  We work out together.  We have great facilities here at Fort Calhoun, and we need to use our facilities together pushing each other to get better everyday. 

·Expectations-Any player not currently involved in a school-sponsored sport must attend strength training.

o   Summer

o   In-Season

o   Winter

o   Spring


Time Management

Time management is a sign of respect.  It is your responsibility to be on time to classes, practice, pre-game meetings, bus departures, weight training, and speed camp.  You must be able to multi-task with academics and football.  Academics will not fall second to football or any other personal endeavors. 

·Example- 3:30 Practice

o   Be there ready to start at 3:20


Volunteer Work

Giving back to the community that gives to us is a core value of this program.  Players will be expected to offer their time with charitable organizations in our community as a member of this team.  In our efforts, this will help develop strong, respectful, and responsible upstanding citizens.



Youth Camps/Involvement

Youth camps will be provided in the summer to teach football skills and fundamentals.  The coaching staff will work with all youth athletes to introduce our program core values and meet future student athletes.  These camps will be used to promote our program and get young athletes excited for their future in our program.   


Youth Development

As the Head Coach of Fort Calhoun, I will open my doors to the Fort Calhoun Youth Program and their coaches.  These are the Pioneers of the future, and I will do all I can to ensure that they want to play by the time they get to our level at the high school. 


Keys to Development:

1. High School to Youth League Coaches Meetings

a.     I will give them anything they need schematically to help the future athletes understand our terminology and program philosophy

b.     The faster it’s introduced, the better they will understand it when they get to our level

2. Youth Coaches will have access to all Fort Calhoun practices

3. Youth players will be allowed to stand on the sideline of a home football game

4. As the Head Coach, I will make myself available to anything the youth program needs to ensure a safe and fun atmosphere that will get them to continue to enjoy football for years to come.