Fitness/Weight Room sign-ups are now available

The High School Weight room is now available for non-student residents of the district, Alumni of Fort Calhoun Community Schools, and school staff that are 18 years of age or older.  There is an annual $20 fob fee per fob.  The annual fee is for the time period June 1 – May 31 no matter when you sign up to use the facility. 

The school has established the rules and regulations for public use of our weight room facility.  Although the primary function of the facility is for the students of the District, we are pleased to be able to provide this benefit to assist in the physical wellbeing of the patron of the District.

To sign up, come to the office at the High School Monday – Friday between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm.  You will need to complete the Fitness Room Rules and Regulations form by providing your name, address, phone number then signing and dating the form.  Payment of $20 will be required at that time.  We will take a photo copy of your driver’s license or other photo ID to be attached with the completed form.  If you are opting for a family membership, you will need to list names and ages of your spouse and children that will be using the facility under your fob.  

Fitness Room Rules and Regulations Form

Attention! Kids Club Enrollment is Now Open.

Are you looking for a fun and safe environment for your child before or after school?  Do they need someone to help them get their homework completed while still having time to interact with their peers?  If so, look no further!

Kid’s Club, the before and after school and summer childcare program operated by Fort
Calhoun Community Schools is now open for enrollment. Kids Club is a self-supporting program offered at the elementary school building. Kids Club provides quality, reliable child care in your child’s own elementary school at a competitive child care price. Our site meets Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services standards for Child Care Centers as well as meeting inspection requirements from the Fire Marshal and Department of Health and Human Services. The program attends to educational and nutritional needs of each child by providing morning and afternoon snacks as well as large muscle activities supplemented with fine motor skill activities such as arts and crafts and table games. Children will also have opportunities to complete school assignments, read, have free choice time, and participate in outdoor play.

Parent Testimonials:

“Signing my daughter up for the Summer Kids Club Program at Fort Calhoun Community Schools was a great decision!  Not only did she learn something new every day but I feel that it has helped her to develop new friendships and stronger social skills.  I really enjoyed how she woke up and was excited to go to camp every day.  Additionally, the staff maintains regular communication about their plans for upcoming events, which makes it very easy to plan ahead.  I shopped around before making the decision to enroll my daughter through this program and it is very affordable compared to the other programs that are out there – especially considering how interactive and fun it is for the kids.”

“I really loved all the aspects of the Summer Kids Club! It was a great balance between fun art projects, physical activities, exploration, relaxation while still allowing for a little structure and learning along the way. My son truly did look forward to coming everyday! I couldn’t be happier with our summer!”

“OMG it was AMAZING! My daughter was engaged, educated and entertained all summer. The staff went above and beyond the expectations I had. They did NOT warehouse these kids – they learned, they had the best time. There is not enough room to write how much I value this experience for my kid this summer.  As a family we loved it. Dedicated staff, focus on learning and wonderful camps. Please, keep it up!”

Student Testimonials:

“I loved the fun games we played.  Dodgeball was my favorite!  I loved hitting the ‘Jailbreak’ and getting my team out of jail.  We had a great time at the Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Farm.  The raspberries we picked were delicious and we got to go for ice cream after!  During the school year I loved getting all of my homework done before I got home.  There are too many distractions or other things I have to do after school.  I also really liked being able to hang out with my friends.”

“The Summer Bridge Books were so fun!  They will help me be ready for school.  Summer Olympics days were the best!”

“Playing all of the games during Kid’s Choice time was my favorite!  The camps were really fun and I liked learning about new things and doing all of the activities.  The field trips were great!”

“I like getting my homework done at school so that I can play and spend time with my family at home.  It was fun meeting new friends.  I learned a lot during the camps and I had fun.  My favorite camps were when we learned about animals, robots, and art.”

Enrollment for the Before & After School Program is now open and forms can be found on the website at the following link You may return your completed forms to Christina Bowser or to the elementary office. Please contact Christina at 402-468-5714 or with any questions.

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