Veterans Honored at Fort Calhoun Schools

On Friday, November 9th, Fort Calhoun Community Schools honored our Veterans by having a Veteran’s Day Ceremony. The event was hosted by our Skills USA students with an introduction by Bailey Donovan and the MC and Skills President being Kate Hoefker. The High School Band and Choir both performed several patriotic songs including the Armed Forces Salute.  Terry Fitzgerald was the Keynote Speaker.  Several service members from the Military were in attendances and enjoyed a luncheon prepared by the school kitchen staff and served by the Skills USA students. Thank you to everyone who helped with the event. Once again, Fort Calhoun Schools would like to thank all our Veterans for their service to our country.

Craig and Fred Visit Fort Calhoun Schools

Students and staff alike enjoyed hearing the story of Craig and Fred: A Marine and his dog and how they rescued each other. Craig Grossi told the students how he met Fred in Afghanistan and how Fred’s ability to be positive (wagging his tail) even in the harsh environment, inspired him and his team. Craig calls it stubborn positivity. You can read more about his story in his book titled Craig & Fred: A Marine, A Stray Dog, and How They Rescued Each Other or on the website

Varsity Basketball Athletes Coach Younger Students

The FCYSO organized a K-2nd-grade basketball league that was coached by the High School girls and boys basketball players. It ran from October 7th-November 4th on Sundays. The first two weeks were spent going over fundamental skills then the kids were split into teams. Kindergarten had two teams where they played the same team every week and 1-2nd grade had 4 teams so they all got to play each other once (3 weeks of games). Each participant received a basketball on the last day that was purchased by FCYSO. All in all, the kids and coaches thoroughly enjoyed themselves!