Pioneer Strong Project

Message from Fort Calhoun Booster Club

Dear Business Owner/Manager,

As the coaches, teachers and student-athletes prepare to finish out the school year, the Booster Club is looking ahead and planning for positive additions to the Fort. We are working on a special “Pioneer Strong” project that we need your generous donation to help fund.

The Fort Calhoun High School weight room is in need of updated equipment. We want the best for our student athletes as they condition year round for their sports and health. Roughly 200+ students, athletes and community members use our weight room daily. With so many using the equipment over the years, it has taken a toll. Coach Shepardson is committed to our strength and conditioning program and desires to create a powerhouse facility for our students which will lead to improvement for all of our athletic programs.

Our “Pioneer Strong” project is projected into three phases of need:

Phase 1 – double-sided, multi-racks, new benches and Pioneer branding $34,000 – $36,000

Phase 2 – bumper plates for each rack $12, 925

Phase 3 – platforms and jammer arms $33,000 – $35,000

The Booster Club’s goal is to raise enough funds to complete phase 1, with install, before the summer programming begins. We realize this is a hefty goal in a short amount of time, but we are committed to this project and believe in the importance of new and modern equipment.

We also believe our students and community deserve the best.

Will you please consider a financial donation to this project?

Your continued support to our Booster Club is a generous, tax-free donation and will give our weight room the impact it needs to create an environment that leads to positive results and outcomes. With your donation, your company’s name will be recognized in our weight room.

Mailed-in donations can be directly sent to:

Fort Calhoun High School

Pioneer Strong Project

5876 County Road P43

Fort Calhoun, Ne. 68023

Thank you for your support and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Jen Lienemann

Booster Club Sponsorship/Pioneer Strong Project

Kindness Rocks

The Pioneer Learning Center Transition Students and Staff recently completed their Kindness Project. Rocks were decorated with bright colors and positive words to brighten someone’s day. The rocks were then distributed around the community. Be on the lookout for some of these random beauties when you’re out and about. Keep the rocks for yourself or share them with a friend. Keep spreading the kindness!
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop