Super Teachers


“I teach , what’s your super power?” Third and Fourth grade teachers at Fort Calhoun Elementary prepared to get students excited for a new school year. The children were each given a card taped to their desks that read “I LEARN, what is your super power. ” The teachers explained that each of them has the power to learn, to work hard, to be responsible, to be kind. Those are all important powers that they are going to build on this year. Then, each student created their own masks and capes to wear.

Where can I get factual information about the School Bond Initiative?

How did we get to where we are today as we approach the School Bond vote?

  • Learn about the planning process.
  • Get facts about the facilities and the budgets.
  • Understand what the true costs are and what that gets us in addition and renovations.
  • Ask questions.

Click on the “BOND FAQ” link at the top of our website to find this kind of information.  You can also ask questions on the website and get responses from Boyd Jones, the construction managers of this project.

If you cannot find an answer on this site or are not satisfied with the response you receive, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Green at 402-468-5591 Ex 104 for accurate information.

Welcome Back!!!

“Welcome Back” to another fantastic school year at Fort Calhoun Community Schools.  The first day of school is rapidly approaching – Thursday, August 15, 2013. Our teachers have been working hard to learn and develop powerful and engaging curriculum tools, which will propel our students into the future with the skills they need to be successful.  In addition, the support staff has been creating an environment that is both comfortable and safe for the students. Best wishes on a wonderful school year.