100% proficient

CELEBRATE!  CELEBRATE!  As a school, we had great results from the state assessment last school year.  The students in 5th grade last year performed at an amazing level on their NeSA (Nebraska State Accountability) assessment.  The 5th grade was 100% proficient in Reading, Math and Science.  What a great accomplishment and celebration.  Nice job staff, students, and parents.  Just another reason to be proud of being a PIONEER!  The higher level of excellence continues.

6th Grade Field Trip

Sixth grade braved the rainy weather for a field trip on Tuesday, Sept. 30th. They attended 6th Grade Conservation Day at Summit Lake with ten other schools. There was a morning guided hike through the hills and four afternoon learning stations: soils, forestry, fishing, and water cycle.

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3rd Grade Project

3rdgrade1 3rdgrade2 3rdgrade3

3rd grade is working on sequencing in our stories and writing. Mrs. Leishman’s readers wrote their recipes and Mrs. Szlachetka’s readers followed the directions. The 3 pictures here pretty well sum up the situations of “OH NO, I FORGOT!” In the end everyone was able to eat a sandwich. I do believe they will be more careful next time!

Homecoming Court 2014

 2014 Homecoming-259 2014 Homecoming-260 2014 Homecoming-261

2014 hc coronation

Congratulations to the 2014 Homecoming Court. Prince and Princess were Tyler Pace and Christine Cate. King and Queen were Shannon Forrester and Mikayla Schmitt.

Homecoming Dress Code 2014

The dress code for this year’s homecoming dance will be the same as last year’s dress code, but this year we are going to allow jeans, shorts and t-shirts. We will not allow athletic shorts or sweats, and male students cannot wear tank tops. If you have any questions, talk to Mr. Green or Mrs. Shields. The dance will be held on Saturday, September 27, at the Community Building from 8:00 – 11:00. The cost is $5/person.

Student’s Mural


Independent art students are making the most of the building construction. Students were given permission to create a mural on two pieces of drywall that are currently blocking an old exit. The mural was created by seniors Vince Hartline, Michelle DeWitt, and Madison Queen. The students have plans to create another mural in the gym on two additional pieces of drywall.

Elementary Fall Fundraiser Kick Off

Kick off for the Elementary Fall Fundraiser was Tuesday November 16th. Here are some important details:
– Easy to participate again this year! Have your friends and relatives shop online or through
   the catalogs.
-To make ordering easy, go to Great American Fundraiser’s website at www.gaschoolstore.com and register your child with our group number, 2193480, so our school receives credit for your order.
– Many great gift ideas! NEW this year will be photo keepsake products such as books, cards,        posters and calendars.
– If we reach our overall school goal, we will have Sean Watson “Master of Illusion” performing a    show for ALL elementary students!
– Once again, there will be prizes awarded for students.
– The delivery date of the items will be in October.
– Funding will be going to the elementary playground for new equipment.
-Call Anne Steinhausen if you have any questions at 402-515-6344.