Congratulations Coach Dave Smith

Congratulations Dave Smith on your retirement from many years of coaching Junior High Cross Country.

The Home meet on Thursday was Dave’s last one after coaching for about 38 years. It was a successful meet with both the Boys and Girls Junior High teams finishing in 2nd place. Pictured with him are his current teams plus several former runners who he has coached over the years. Thank you Dave for all you have done for the FORT over the year!


Homecoming Fun 2020

Homecoming looked a bit different this year but we all had a blast despite the changes. Congrats to our Homecoming Prince and Princess Bode Bench and Rianna Wells and our King and Queen Dillon Dierks and Elizabeth Lienemann.

New FC Live

FC Live Now Available

For live streaming coverage of our activity competitions in the main gym and football field, please go to FC Live at The FC Live link is located at the top of the page.

This fall, spectators can watch live varsity, JV, and junior high volleyball games in our main competition gym.  Spectators can also watch live varsity, JV, and junior football games.  Please click on the link below for more details and how to subscribe. 

FC Live Subscription details

Click this link to watch the Volleyball Invite on 9/5/20

Homecoming 2020 Information

Homecoming 2020
September 18th
  • 12:45 p.m. PEP Rally at the High School Stadium
    • Band
    • Cheer
    • Dance
    • Games & Fun
    • Homecoming Coronation
  • Elementary and Secondary Students in Attendance
    • Elementary students will be dismissed from the High School
    • Dismissal will be approximately 1:30 p.m.
  • Bleachers
    • Students only
    • Parents of Homecoming Candidates and Crown Bearers
  • Parents
    • Please watch from outside the fence surrounding the track
    • Please occupy space on both sides of the bleachers for social distancing
    • Please wear a mask when social distance can not be achieved
  • FC Live
    • The PEP Rally will also be shown on FC Live (free)
    • FC Live can be found on the front page of the Fort Calhoun Web Page
  • Football Game
    • Fort Calhoun vs. Raymond Central – 7:00 p.m.
    • Home fans please park in the West Parking Lot
    • Enter on the North Side of the building
    • Masks required upon entry, in concessions area and restrooms                                                                                                                           
See below for more information from Mr. Wagner regarding the Elementary School 

We love this time of year!  Homecoming is a great opportunity to celebrate our pride for our community.  Let’s celebrate this extraordinary day by being safe and having fun.  The date of this event is Friday, September 18. Unfortunately, the homecoming parade has been canceled this year.   On the positive side, the elementary continues to plan on participating in the pep rally at the high school.  If you would prefer to not have your student participate in the pep rally this school year, for any reason, please feel free to pick up your student by 12pm at the elementary.  Additionally, please contact your classroom teacher and the office if you are taking this approach.  Furthermore, each classroom will have a designated area on the football field while maintaining a reasonable amount of social distancing. Once the homecoming pep rally is complete all students will be released from the high school.  Students that are riding the bus will stay at the high school to board and then depart for their route.  There are two options that are available for pick up.  First, you may check your students out with the classroom teacher from the football field.  Please keep in mind we will be moving quite swiftly to the front of the high school to provide the second option of pick up.  Next, if you are picking up in your vehicle please use the front of the high school (West Parking Lot) please enter from P43. Take a right as you enter the parking lot.  There will be a line so please be patient.  Proceed to the front of the building where a staff member will assist you.  Let’s have a safe celebration.  Thank you for your continued support in your child’s education!

Drew R. Wagner
Elementary Principal/School Improvement Director
Fort Calhoun Community Schools