“Our Body, A Universe Within”

Peering at the wonders inside of the human body was the experience shared by students from Mrs. Young’s  Physiology and Health Occupations classes. Other interested juniors and seniors joined the excursion to downtown Omaha on Friday morning, August 24th.    Preserved and injected with polymers, the human specimens on display provided minute details about contents of the skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems.  An opportunity to touch a human heart, kidney, liver, and brain was provided.  Truly, we all understand a bit better why our own bodies are actually “A Universe Within.”

Fall Sports Kick Off Highlights

It was a beautiful day for the Fall Sports Kick-Off. Please come to support our football team tomorrow, August 24th for our first home game against Ashland-Greenwood at 7:00 pm. If you can’t make it, check out FC Live Radio with Grant Hansen by following the link on the top banner of the Fort Calhoun Schools Homepage or click here https://www.fortcalhounschools.org  Click here to see all of our Fall sports schedules.  https://www.fortcalhounschools.org/calendars/sport-schedules/

Get Your Pioneer Gear For the New School Year!!!

Fort Calhoun Booster Club Apparel and gear~

We are no longer taking special orders at this time.  The next period for special orders will be in November. The Booster club does keep many items from the order form “generally” in stock and will gladly check our remaining stock for your requests.  

We will be selling apparel during all the Home Varsity Football games, and during Fort Calhoun Heritage days at  St. John’s Catholic church craft show on Oct. 6th at Schwertley Hall. 
During Winter~ we sell apparel at all home Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball games in the High School Commons.

Thank you for supporting your child’s school athletics and activities programs!!!


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Kid’s Club Got Creative

Our Kid’s Club students enjoyed getting creative during Drama week. They took a field trip to the Omaha Community Playhouse and performed their puppet show titled “The Dragon Who Ate the Library” for the residents at Autumn Pointe in Fort Calhoun. 

Photos by Ann Klemm

Come Support the Kid’s Club and the Fort Calhoun Fire Dept.

Mark your calendars!

Thursday, August 9th, Kid’s Club is having their 2nd annual lemonade stand. This year they will have lemonade, snow cones, and baked goods. They will be in front of the fire station from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm. They are only asking for donations and all proceeds will be given to the Fort Calhoun Volunteer Fire Department. Last year the kids collected over $100! Please help them read their goal of over $200 this year.