Online Parent Support Group and Mentoring Program

 Are you parenting a child who is dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD or some other emotional disturbance? You are not alone!
The SOC Parent Mentor program will soon begin offering an online support group for parents. This is an opportunity to join with other parents in similar situations to share information, encouragement and hope. The group will be led by Leslie Byers. We will launch this group on August 23, 2022 with a presentation by Leslie and her daughter Megan. 
See the flyer below or click this LINK for more information.

Parent Peer Mentoring Program

Is your child living with depression, anxiety, ADHD or any other serious emotional disturbance and struggling in school and/or with life in general?  

Do you feel isolated and overwhelmed in trying to get your child’s needs met?

No one understands this better than a parent who has been there themselves. Parent peer mentoring can help parents navigate systems more effectively, learn from the experiences of other families, feel less alone, and gain hope, ideas, and information.

If you would like to learn more, contact SOC Lead Family Coordinator Eve Bleyhl at 402-680-8624 or

See the flyer HERE or the image below for more information