First Grade Science Fun

In 1st grade science, the students are learning about tools to measure weather. The students worked together to create a model of a wind vane. They worked in groups to make a plan, build, and test their model. We had perfect windy days to test our models and many were successful!

Congratulations Science Fair Winners 2019

The Fort Calhoun Science Fair was on Monday, March 18th. The winners at the Junior High level were –

1st –  Adriana Hernandez with “Which pet eats more food?”  

2nd  –  Megan Braymen  with “Will creamer or milk with coffee stain teeth worse?”

3rd   –  Raegen  Wells with “Removing stains”  

The Freshman winners were –

1st – Aaron Swanson and Ethan Shaner with “Donutology”

2nd –  Amya Coon and Lucia Perez Valencia with “How does blood spatter effect a crime scene?”

3rd –  Eriauna Wolf and Katherine Jabens with “In which liquid do skittles lose their color fastest?”

And the overall winners were –

Morgan Therkildsen and Tessa Skelton with “Battery Grass”  



Quiz Bowl Conference Champions

Congratulations to the High School Quiz Bowl team on their first Capitol Conference championship since 2008! Zoe Fickbohm, Ben Haggar, Grant Hansen, Avery McKennan, John McKennan, and Aaron Johnson went undefeated, notching wins against Syracuse, DC West, and two wins against the defending champions, Platteview, to capture the title. The team will represent Fort Calhoun at the ESU 3 tournament on Monday, March 11, with a chance to go to the state Quiz Bowl competition in April. Great job, guys!

L-R Coach, Mr. Justin Shields, John McKennan, Zoe Fickbohm, Avery McKennan, Grant Hansen, Ben Haggar and Aaron Johnson. Photo by Mr. Shields

Scholastic State Art Competition

Congratulations to the art students who earned awards from this year’s Scholastic State Art competition. On Saturday March 2nd the students attended a ceremony, held annually, at the Omaha Public Schools Teacher Administrative Center building. There were over 3,800 works of art submitted from students across the state of Nebraska, and just over 34% earned awards. Fort Calhoun students earned a total of 29 awards, with multiple students earning multiple awards. All the entries that received awards from across the state will be on display at the Omaha Public Schools Teacher Administrative Center, located at 3215 Cuming St., from February 26 until March 29, 2019.

The 2019 award recipients are: (left to right) front row: Cory Underwood, Stephanie Mlynarik, Katie Barta, Cameron Reynolds, Nathan Blizzard, and Avery McKennan; back row: Mr. High Horse, Emilia Finke, Alyssa Mitchell, Bailey Donovan, Evelyn Holmstedt, and Kennedy Bradburn. Not pictured: Nathan Premer, and Espen Hervik.

Award recipients are as follows

Katie Barta, 9 – Two Gold Key for Drawing and Illustration

Cory Underwood, 9 – Honorable Mention, Still life Drawing and Illustration

Cameron Reynolds, 10 – Honorable Mention, Bluejay Painting

Kennedy Bradburn, 11 – Gold Key, October 1, 1994, Printmaking

Bailey Donovan – 11 Silver Key, Who We Are, Mixed Media

Bailey Donovan, 11 – Gold Key, Pick a Spott, Printmaking

Evelyn Holmstedt, 11 – Silver Key Peacock, Printmaking

Alyssa Mitchell, 11 – Silver Key, Kernel Printmaking

Nathan Blizzard, 12 – Honorable Mention Life Short Film

Nathan Blizzard, 12 – Silver Key Earth, Short Film

Nathan Blizzard, 12 – Silver Key, Importance Portfolio

Nathan Blizzard, 12 – Silver Key, Bullying Short Film

Nathan Blizzard, 12 – Gold Key, Fisherman Short Film

Emelia Finke, 12 – Two Honorable Mentions for Painting and Drawing and Illustration

Espen Hervik, 12 – Honorable Mention Mjolnir (Hammer of Thor) Mixed Media

Avery McKennan, 12 – Honorable Mention, Heirlooms, Mixed Media

Avery McKennan, 12 – Silver Key, Oh Brother, Drawing and Illustration

Avery McKennan, 12 – Silver Key, Yes, I Made That, Portfolio

Avery McKennan, 12 – Silver Key, Eagle Sculpture

Avery McKennan, 12 – Gold Key, Chicken Pox, Mixed Media

Avery McKennan, 12 – Gold Key, Grandpa, Drawing/Illustration

Avery McKennan, 12 – Gold Key, What Are You Staring At? Drawing and Illustration

Stephanie Mlynarik, 12 – Two Honorable Mentions for Portfolio and Sculpture

Stephanie Mlynarik, 12 Two Silver Key for Drawing and Illustration and Painting

Nate Premer, 12 – Silver Key, Blue Macaw Printmaking

Nathan Blizzard’s video “Fisherman” won a Gold Kay Award in Short Film