Pep Students Create Their Own Battleship Game

The 7th-grade Pep Class created their own Battleship board games to focus on collaboration, communication, mental stimulation, and competition as part of their Mental Health unit.  Students Ella Bouwman and Ari Nelson explained that the unit began with a video focused on brain health. Then, they used paper to create a grid and then used that to play Battleship with a partner similar to how you play the board game. They said they learned that it is important to put down their phones and interact with each other face to face and to have a positive attitude. Moriah Doyle and Hawthorne Roehr agreed that it taught them about having a positive attitude and added that the process of creating and playing the game stimulated their brains in a new way. They all agreed that it was fun and exciting and would recommend the game to other classes. 

Congratulations State Wrestling Qualifiers

Fort Calhoun will send 4 wrestlers to the state tournament — Trey McCoy, Ely Olberding, Lance Olberding and Grant Nixon. Congratulations and good luck!

At the pep rally, the qualifiers had to put makeup on their classmates blindfolded. Pictured are Ely Olberding with Dennis Winterberg and Lance Olberding with Wyatt Appel.


Congratulations to our Scholastic Art Award Recipients

This year the Nebraska Scholastic Art and Writing Awards affiliate received almost 2,200 entries from students all across the state, and as usual, was a very competitive competition. Overall, they awarded 209 Gold Keys, 254 Silver Keys, and 385 Honorable Mention Awards. If you do the math only 38% of all entries earned an award. 

The students listed below earned one or more awards from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition.

Katie Barta:
     Honorable Mention – “Flower Child” (Drawing and Illustration)
Ethan Dye:
     Silver Key – “Self-portrait at 15” (Drawing and Illustration)
Montanna Hirchert:
     Silver Key – “Lucy” (Printmaking)
Lucy Hubbard:
     Silver Key – “Jack” (Printmaking)
Brooke Johnsen:
     Gold Key – “Daffodil” (Drawing and Illustration)
     Gold Key – “Daisy” (Drawing and Illustration)
Emma Lucht:
     Honorable Mention – “You Are My Sunshine” (Printmaking)
Riley McKennan:
     Honorable Mention – “Self-portrait” (Drawing and Illustration)
James Miller:
     Gold Key – “Self-portrait at 14” (Drawing and Illustration)
Regina Namuth:
     Gold Key – “Boy in Green” (Painting)
     Gold Key – “Self-portrait at 15” (Drawing and Illustration)
     Silver Key – “Fruits” (Drawing and Illustration)
     Silver Key – “Wine Bottle” (Drawing and Illustration)
Alayna Prunty:
     Honorable Mention – “Oakley” (Printmaking)
Olivia Quinlan:
     Honorable Mention – “Vacant” (Painting)
Cameron Reynolds:
     Honorable Mention – “Western Meadowlark” (Drawing and Illustration)
Sasha Robinson:
     Honorable Mention – “A Charcoal Still Life” (Drawing and Illustration)
Ethan Shaner:
     Honorable Mention – “Leaf Pendant” (Jewelry)
Kaitlin Smith:
     Silver Key – “Midnight” (Photography)
     Honorable Mention – “Array of Aspens” (Photography)
     Honorable Mention – “Future Tracks” (Photography)
Hannah White:
     Honorable Mention – “Hoping For…” (Painting)

Spring Conferences for Junior-Senior High

Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian(s):

Parent-Teacher Conferences are rapidly approaching. Conference is a one-night event on Wednesday, February 17, 2:00 pm to 8:00pm.  I strongly encourage parent(s) and student(s) to engage in conferences with their teachers. I believe this creates an opportunity to lessen confusion and build positive communication among the parent, student, and teacher. Research has proven, time and time again, that students perform better if a parent is actively involved in their students’ academic process.

Conferences for the spring will be conducted through one of these three avenues based on your child’s individual situation:


  • Meet with your child’s teacher(s) via video conferencing. If you prefer this option, please go to  Find your teacher(s) on the list and select a time.  If you sign up, the teacher(s) will reach out to you prior to conferences with a link to the meeting.  Videoconferences will be limited to five-minute sessions in an effort to maximize teacher availability.  When you log in for your conference, please be patient as the teacher may be engaged in a conference previous to yours. 


  • Engage in email conferences. Send an email to your child’s teacher(s) with any questions or concerns that you may have. The teacher will respond to you during the day of parent-teacher conferences.


  • Request to receive a phone call from your child’s teacher(s). To receive a phone call, please email your teacher(s) indicating what time of the day you would like to be contacted along with a phone number. Videoconferences will be a priority over phone calls, however, the teacher(s) will attempt to contact you as close to your requested time as possible.


Parent-Teacher Conferences provide an opportunity for parents and students to work with teachers and staff to assure your young person the best education that we as a team can provide. The teachers and I hope that you plan to make conferences a priority. It is only through communication and cooperation that we can assure your student’s success here at the “FORT”. I look forward to your participation in your student’s conferences held on February 17.


Nick Wemhoff

Secondary Principal