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Congratulations Science Fair Winners

The Fort Calhoun Science Fair was on Monday, March 18th. The winners at the Junior High level were –

1st –  Adriana Hernandez with “Which pet eats more food?”  

2nd  –  Megan Braymen  with “Will creamer or milk with coffee stain teeth worse?”

3rd   –  Raegen  Wells with “Removing stains”  

The Freshman winners were –

1st – Aaron Swanson and Ethan Shaner with “Donutology”

2nd –  Amya Coon and Lucia Perez Valencia with “How does blood spatter effect a crime scene?”

3rd –  Eriauna Wolf and Katherine Jabens with “In which liquid do skittles lose their color fastest?”

And the overall winners were –

Morgan Therkildsen and Tessa Skelton with “Battery Grass”