Elementary Students Learn About Fire Safety

The students at Fort Calhoun Elementary had a couple of opportunities this month to learn about fire safety. On October 9th, the Kindergarteners visited the Fort Calhoun Fire Station. They got to tour the station and even practiced using the fire hose with Dave Neumann and Jerry Mink. On October 16th the Fire Department visited the school. Grades Preschool through 3rd grade had the opportunity to tour the ambulance with Dave Neumann and Jackie Mapes. They also learned a lot about fire safety in their home from Deputy State Fire Marshall Alyssa Sanders and they practiced climbing out a window with a fire ladder in the Smoke Simulator Trailer. Grades 4th through 6th got to explore the fire trucks and practiced using a battery-operated fire extinguisher. Thanks to all who came to help with these events including Dave Neumann, Jerry Mink, Jackie Mapes, Jen Sundermeier, Dan Mallory, Devon Walentine and Deputy State Fire Marshal, Alyssa Sanders.
For tips on fire prevention including home safety tips visit the State Fire Marshal’s website.