On Wednesday, April 12th, ten high school art students participated in the Nebraska Capitol Conference Art Day. This year’s NCC Art Day was hosted by Louisville High School. 
The day included a presentation and activity, led by Mindy Burton, an artist and full-time art teacher at Milford High School. The students displayed work in eleven different categories, and three judges spent over two hours critiquing the work. 
Every student from Fort Calhoun received at least one award, and most of them received multiple awards. Brooke Johnsen was voted the top artist from Fort Calhoun. She also received the People’s Choice Award and the Student’s Choice Award. Brooke also received the top award of Best In Show for her entry “Reflecting”. Congratulations to all the students who participated. 

Brooke Johnsen – 

Acrylic/Tempera/Oil: 1st Place, 1st Place 
Black and White: 1st Place

Printmaking: 2nd Place

Glenn Hunter – 
Acrylic/Tempera/Oil: 2nd Place
Regina Namuth – 
Clay: 1st
Colored Drawing: 1st Place
Printmaking: 1st Place
Watercolor: 2nd Place
Kylie Perfetti – 
Colored Drawing: 1st Place, 2nd Place
Clay: 1st Place
Sasha Robinson –
Clay:1st Place
Acrylic/Tempera/Oil Paint: 2nd Place
James Miller – 
Acrylic/Tempera/Oil: 3rd Place, 3rd Place Black and White: 1st Place
Bella McLaughlin – 
Black and White: 3rd Place 
Colored Drawing: 3rd Place
Simone Bonacci – 
Pencil Drawing: 3rd Place, 3rd Place
Harrison Geiger – 
Acrylic/Tempera/Oil: 1st Place 
Watercolor: 1st Place, 1st Place 
Ava Bittner –  
Acrylic/Tempera/Oil: 1st Place, 1st Place, 1st Place, 2nd Place
Colored Drawing: 1st Place
Sophie Conrad – 
Acrylic/Tempera/Oil: 1st Place, 1st Place
Colored Drawing: 1st Place
Outstanding Student Artist from Fort Calhoun – Brooke Johnsen
People’s Choice  Award – Brooke Johnsen
Student’s Choice Award – Brooke Johnsen
Best of Show – Brooke Johnsen