The process of school improvement will be a continual process each and every year.  This process provides both schools time to self reflect on opportunities and challenges to enhance the learning environment.  In this process we value all stakeholder feedback.  Part of this feedback will be received through surveys.  Last year we had the opportunity to get feedback through parent surveys that were available during Parent/Teacher conferences.  That information has been shared with all stakeholders appropriately.  The feedback was reviewed by both schools and then posted on our school’s website under “School Improvement Plan.” This year we will distribute student surveys, in their respective buildings appropriately.  On November 21st students will have the opportunity to share their feedback on how they view their school.  At this time students will be taking an, age appropriate, survey in their respective buildings.  The survey will be taken online on a computer or iPad.  An example of the student survey will be posted on our website for your viewing.  Once the surveys are completed and reviewed the information will be posted on the districts webpage under “School Improvement Plan.”  We want to continue to strive for a systematic and transparent process.