Fort Calhoun High School welcomed back 7 graduates on December 15, 2023, for an alumni panel to speak to current juniors and seniors about their post secondary paths. Topics included the alumni’ current career paths (ranging from college and ROTC, to entering the workforce) and what advice they would give the current juniors and seniors.  The juniors and seniors received valuable information to help plan for life after high school. The event is just one example of how the school prepares its students for college, career, and life. This alumni panel is an event the school plans to have on an annual basis.  So if any alumni are interested in being part of the panel in future years, please contact Mr. Wemhoff, Mrs. Hernandez, or Mrs. Krambeck.

Pictured in the top picture L-R Jacob Haggar, Danielle Howell, Rianna Wells, Taya Skelton, Kaitlin Smith, Courtney Smith, Abigail Russell