-Quiz Bowl Competition at esu3 (24 teams were competing)
-We had 3 teams compete
*Team A (Photo 35) 1-2
*Team B (Photo 33) 3-2 earned 5th place
*Team C (Photo 34) 1-2
*All of our competitors (Photo 36)
*Action photo of Team B (Photo 37)
All teams competed at a high level while earning compliments from other teachers.
Statements made about our Fort Calhoun Kids….
“They are the quietest group here.”
“You have the most respectable kids in the building.”
“How do you get all of your kids to be so polite?”
ElemQuizBowl1 ElemQuizBowl2 ElemQuizBowl3 ElemQuizBowl4 ElemQuizBowl5